Happy Buddha with Dog

Happy Buddha with Dog

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Lovely Buddha ideal for anyone who loves the laughing Buddha, this piece is both decorative and symbolic.

He sits at just under 17cms in length, 6.5 cms high and 10cm across the base: the depth of the piece approximately. He weighs 750g

This is a Chinese Buddha with dog. The dogs are the protectors of the temples. One hand raised in a gesture of protection meaning have no fear.
The pearl in his hand forms a full circle between his finger and thumb, this circle symbolises the wheel of the law which represents unlimited power.
He is a Chinese Buddha being one of the fat bellied gods of good fortune. He has been hand polished and there is felt underneath to help protect your furniture.

These statues are made from powdered marble, this is a natural product and because of the grains and stones/quartz that it contains, it is subject to variations in colour and texture. Each piece has its own unique colour variation. They use white marble from Carrera in Italy and their green, black and grey marble comes exclusively from Saint Béat in the Pyrenees. Family business, handmade in France.