Happy Medium Travelling Buddha

Happy Medium Travelling Buddha

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This is a lovely medium decorative fat bellied lucky Buddha, decorative and calming.

Chinese style Travelling Buddha with a staff and sac symbolizing his travel through life.
He carries also a water vase which symbolizes the water of life.

This Buddha is standing with his feet are apart, this symbolizes good heath; letting bad humours leave the body.


This one weighs 210grams approx. 4cms deep , 5.5cms across and 9cms high.

These statues are made from powdered marble, this is a natural product and because of the grains and stones/quartz that it contains, it is subject to variations in colour and texture. Each piece has its own unique colour variation. They use white marble from Carrera in Italy and their green, black and grey marble comes exclusively from Saint Béat in the Pyrenees. Family business, handmade in France.